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Meet Our Peer Advisors & Recruiters

These ASU students all studied abroad on various types of programs and are here to help you get started on a journey of your own! Our Peer Advisors are in the Study Abroad Office ready to chat with you, and you can meet our Recruiters at information tables, events or even in your classes giving presentations about study abroad. Both roles can help you understand the different types of programs offered, assist in narrowing down your program options, guide you on the application process, discuss program costs and speak about student life abroad. 

If you'd like to meet with a Peer Advisor, stop by the Study Abroad Office to talk to them, contact them via email at studyabroad@asu.edu, chat with them using our Live Chat right here on the website or call them at (480) 965-5965. No appointments are needed to speak with Peer Advisors. They are available Monday through Friday 8 am - 5 pm.

Join our Recruiters in a Study Abroad 101 session about the various program types, available scholarships, the credit process, housing options and much more. Better yet, invite them to your class or event! Find them at any international related event on any of ASU's campuses and ask them what they found to be the most advantageous about studying abroad.


Photo of Study Abroad Peer Advisor, Diego Yanez

Name: Diego Yanez
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Areas of Study: Marketing & Business Data Analytics with a certificate in Honors Management Consulting
Year at ASU: Senior
Study abroad location: Florence, Italy
Study abroad program: ASU: Florence, Italy Summer Program
Favorite study abroad memory: Watching fireworks on the Arno in celebration of Saint John the Baptist, the patron saint of Florence. The fireworks were a treat because it’s a few days shy of Independence Day, so I got to satisfy my need of enjoying summer fireworks away from home.
Other travel locations: France, Spain, Mexico
Top advice for Sun Devils going abroad:
 Traveling on a program without your friends should not hold you back! You are bound to meet new people who share the same world views and ideas that you do and by the end of the program, the entire group becomes a family.



ASU Study Abroad Peer Advisor, Casey Kennedy

Name: Casey Kennedy
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Area of Study: Sustainability
Year at ASU: Senior
Study Abroad Location: Lyon, France
Study Abroad Program: University Studies Abroad Consortium: Lyon, France
avorite Study Abroad Memory: Meeting a traveling band while backpacking Ardèche, France! After a long day of walking in the rain, my French was jumbled and I was tired. They waved me over, handed me a drum with a smile and we played a language everyone speaks - music and laughter - until the sun went down. 
Other Travel Locations: Alaska, Ireland, England, Italy, Mexico, Canada
Top Advice for Sun Devils Going Abroad: Open your mind to differences. Every single human has their own culture, history, language, and personality, no matter the country or continent. With an open mind and a smile you can tap into a stranger’s world in a matter of seconds - and you never know how one encounter can impact their, or your, life forever.


Photo of ASU Study Abroad Peer Advisor, Kajal Dave

Name: Kajal Dave
Hometown: Chandler, Arizona

Area of Study: Global Studies
Year at ASU: Junior
Study Abroad Location: Ghana
Study Abroad Program: ASU: Politics, Culture, and Society in Ghana
Favorite Study Abroad Memory: I had a four-week internship at the Human Rights Advocacy Center and worked with other international interns during my program. My new friend from Amsterdam wanted to explore Ghana, so we took a trip to Wli Falls on the border with Togo. It was absolutely stunning. Not only were the falls and rainforest magnificent, but our journey was truly an adventure. We planned a trip in two days, took public transportation the whole way, hung out with a group of Canadian students and almost ran out of money. It was one of the most impulsive things I have ever done, but totally worth it. That experience is tied with getting my leg trapped in a grate over a gutter, when said friend from Amsterdam couldn't stop laughing long enough to get me out.
Other Travel Locations: India, United Arab Emirates, Britain, Scotland, France, Spain, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark 
Top Advice for Sun Devils Going Abroad: Don't go in with too many plans and expectations. Try to live in the moment, because before you know it it'll be time to leave. Let whatever happens happen, and write it down so you have a good story when you come back! 




Photo of Peer Advisor, Haley Ziesmeier

Name: Haley Ziesemer
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Areas of Study: Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry
Year at ASU: Junior
Study Abroad Location: Sydney, Australia
Study Abroad Program: Exchange - University of New South Wales
Favorite Study Abroad Memory: My favorite memory was traveling to Canberra with my friends. First, we toured the Parliament House and learned a lot about the Australian government and its day-to-day operations. Then, we attended the Floriade festival, an annual flower festival where we got to see hundreds of beautiful flowers!
Other Travel Locations: New Zealand, Palau, Costa Rica, Italy, Canada
Top Advice for Sun Devils Going Abroad: Try your best to get out of your comfort zone. This is a great way to have new experiences and to make friends with the locals. 



A photo of Study Abroad peer advisor, Alexa Buechler in France

Name: Alexa Buechler
Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas 

Area of study: Journalism and Mass Communication
Year at ASU: Junior
Study abroad Location: Lyon, France
Study Abroad Program: USAC: Lyon, France Program 
Favorite Study Abroad Memory: Traveling to Nice in an overnight bus with my closest friends and experiencing the city lit up for the Carnival.
Other Travel Locations: Switzerland, Spain, England
Top Advice for Sun Devils Going Abroad: When you're in a new country, you want to travel everywhere and try to see everything. This is good, but don't forget to experience living in the city or town that you chose.





Name: Shelby Weathers
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Area of study: Psychology
Year at ASU: Sophomore
Study Abroad Location: Dublin, Ireland
Study Abroad Program: Sun Devils in Dublin Internship and Study Abroad Program
Favorite Study Abroad Memory: Kissing the Blarney Stone!
Other Travel Locations: Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain, The Netherlands
Top Advice for Sun Devils Going Abroad: Attitude is everything. You can have the best or worst experience of your life abroad, and it's entirely up to you. 














Name: Logan Valdez
Hometown: Mesa, Arizona
Area of Study: Economics
Year at ASU: Senior
Study Abroad Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Favorite Study Abroad Memory: I took a day trip to Dresden, Germany, with a couple friends only a few weeks into our program.  We spent the whole day exploring the city and we walked over 18 miles in 12 hours. The best part was later when we sat down at a park by the river with a perfect view of Dresden lit up at night. I pulled out my speaker and we hung out for a couple of hours until our bus arrived. It felt like we were really living in the moment and it was pretty amazing.  
Other Travel Locations: England, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia
Top Advice for Sun Devils Going Abroad: Go abroad with an open mind, embrace the culture shock.  Branch out and don't hesitate to try new things. You will get close with lots of amazing people and make lifelong memories, and your semester abroad will go by fast. Don't forget to "stop and smell the roses" every once in awhile when you're abroad, so you can truly be in the moment.


Name: Chloe Gibbons
Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona
Areas of Study: Communication and minor in Geography
Year at ASU: Senior
Study Abroad Location: London, England; Dublin, Ireland; Edinburgh, Scotland
Favorite Study Abroad Memory: My favorite memory was when we were in Scotland. One day we had a scavenger hunt around the city and we had to take pictures with historic landmarks. We were all running around town trying to beat each other, but half the time we didn't know where we were even going! It was an exciting way to see the sights and learn about the area!
Other Travel Locations: France, Netherlands, Canada, and Mexico
Top Advice for Sun Devils going abroad: Keep an open mind and be ready to step outside your comfort zone so you don't have any regrets when it is time to go home! Also, keep a journal! You may think you will remember everything, but every day something exciting happens and you don't want to forget anything!

Kiara Caldwell
Hometown: Mesa, Arizona
Area of Study: Marketing
Year at ASU: Senior
Study Abroad Locations: Great Britain, France & South Africa
Study Abroad Program:CIEE Open Campus (Multiple Destinations)
Favorite Study Abroad Memory: My brother visited me in South Africa for two weeks and we explored, spent time with new local friends and saw how pivileged we were as Americans. He thanked me for convincing him to take the 25+ hour flight and said, “you may have altered the course of my life as we know it.” 
Other Travel Locations: Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Scotland
Top Advice for Sun Devils Going Abroad: Reshape the lens you are/were put in to speak to people you normally wouldn’t and do things you may never have done. Understand that different ways of living and acting does not make a person good or bad, or right or wrong - they are just human.








Photo of Recruiter, Bella Tassinari


Name: Bella Tassinari
Hometown: Chandler, Arizona
Areas of Study: Business Data Analytics and Sports and Media Studies 
Year at ASU: Junior 
Study Abroad Location: Madrid, Spain 
Study Abroad Program: Exchange - Universidad Carlos III De Madrid 
Favorite Study Abroad Memory: Watching the sunset on an empty beach in Cadiz, Spain. We had just gotten off a nine hour bus ride and were all super tired but seeing the sunset was totally worth it! 
Other Travel Locations: All over Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Portugal and more! 
Top Advice for Sun Devils Going Abroad: Be open to new things. New food, new friends, new places. Everything is an experience and try as much as you can. 









Name: Fernanda Balderrama
Hometown: Glendale, Arizona
Areas of Study: Secondary Education with Spanish; minor in Transborder studies
Year at ASU: Junior
Study Abroad Location: Seville, Spain
Study Abroad Program: ASU: Spanish Language and Culture in Spain
Favorite Study Abroad Memory: Walking in to the garden of the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos was an amazing experience because the garden was massive, green, and full of flowers. Since I was born and raised in Arizona, I had never seen so much color in nature.
Other Travel Locations: Granada, Córdoba, Toledo, Segovia, Cádiz and Madrid all in Spain
Top Advice for Sun Devils Going Abroad: Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith! There is always staff that will help you out with anything!





Name: Alisa Murphy
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Area of Study: Broadcast Journalism
Year at ASU: Sophomore
Study Abroad Location: Peru
Study Abroad Program: ASU: From Lima to Machu Picchu: Exploring Healthcare, Culture, and Ethics in Peru
Favorite Study Abroad Memory: We were in Peru during the FIFA World Cup and it was the first time Peru had qualified for the World Cup in over 30 years. We all bought Peruvian soccer jerseys and watched the soccer games at the local restaurants. We had World Cup fever for sure!
Other Travel Locations: Lima and Cusco, Peru
Top Advice for Sun Devils Going Abroad: Just walk around and explore! Try as many local cuisines as you can. Talk to the local people even if their language is not your first language. Also, find a good balance between doing as much as you can (activities, excursions, etc.), while still getting enough sleep. I made that mistake the first week! 




Photo of Study Abroad Student Recruiter, Sara, with the Washington Monument behind her

Name: Sara Razavi Kelishadi
Hometown: Esfahan, Iran
Areas of Study: Double Major in Global Studies and French
Year at ASU: Junior
Study Abroad Locations: Lyon, France and Washington, D.C., U.S.A
Study Abroad Program: USAC: Lyon, France Program & ASU: McCain Institute Policy Design Studio & Internship Program
Favorite Study Abroad Memory: Getting to experience the annual Festival of Lights (Fête des Lumières) in Lyon by walking around the city, mesmerized by all of the different light shows that lit up the entire city at night. Enjoying the tranquility of the Jefferson Memorial at night, sitting on the steps,  while in Washington, D.C.
Other Travel Locations: While studying abroad in France, I chose to explore the city I was in, the little towns surrounding it, and a couple of the big ones, because I prefer taking my time exploring places.
Top Advice for Sun Devils Going Abroad: Time flies while you are there, make sure to plan a few trips before you go there and make a list of places you want to go to. Start crossing things off of your list from the moment you get there, don’t leave anything for later, because in a blink of an eye you are on your way back home. But, also, be open to taking spontaneous trips with your friends, or by yourself. Every experience will teach you something new about yourself and life, so be ready to learn and explore!







Name: Ashely Ong
Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona
Area of Study: Communications with a minor in Business
Year at ASU: Junior
Study Abroad Location: Madrid, Spain; London, England; Rome, Italy
Study Abroad Program: CIEE: Open Campus Program (multiple destinations)
Favorite Study Abroad Memory: My family flew out to surprise me in London on my 20th birthday. We spent my birthday going to Tower Bridge, the top of the Shard and Camden Market. It was by far the best way to spend my birthday.
Other Travel Locations: Sevilla, Lisbon, Belfast, Florence, Bologna, Amsterdam, Cinque Terre, Budapest, and Ibiza
Top Advice for Sun Devils Abroad: Understand that it is normal to be scared and even homesick while being abroad. Take it all in and let it help you grow as a person. The fear of big changes should not keep you from having one of the best experiences of your life!