Brielle Ashford


Phone: (480) 965-5965

Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Areas of Study: Broadcast and Digital Journalism Major, Political Science with a focus in sociology
Year at ASU: Senior
Study Abroad Locations: London, England; Cape Town, South Africa; Paris, France and Rome, Italy
Study Abroad Program: CIEE: Open Campus Program (multi-destination); Barrett in London

Favorite Study Abroad Memory: So hard to pick just one! But... Seeing the Eiffel Tower from a water-slide in Paris was pretty awesome - so was watching celebrities head into Paris Fashion Week at the Louvre. I'll also never forget seeing the sunset from a massive mountain in South Africa... and lastly. getting lost at night in the gardens of Versailles with my best friend!
Other Travel Locations: Barbados, The Dominican Republic, Canada; 25/50 states.
Top Advice for Sun Devils Going Abroad: Don't forget about your grades when you're abroad... but don't get too stressed either. Try really hard to live in the moment - take as many adventures, however planned or last-minute, as your budget allows. They'll be such incredible memories. Some of my favorite are things I only found out about hours before they happened!