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Frequently Asked Questions: Global Virtual Internships

Welcome! We're excited you're interested in completing a Global Virtual Internship this summer. We've broken this page into four sections: General FAQs, Application & Interview Process, Internship Placement and Program Costs & Financial Aid to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about the program.  If you still have questions after reading through the FAQs, please feel free to reach out to: 

Ready to apply? Make sure to complete your application by June 6. 

General FAQs

Q. What term is the program offered? Are there similar programs for other summer sessions?

This program aligns with ASU’s Summer Session B. At this time, there are not other programs being offered for Summer Sessions A and C.

Q. Will this program be offered in future terms?

We do hope to provide virtual internship opportunities in future terms. ASU is actively exploring these possibilities and will provide further updates when this information is made available.

Q. How competitive is the program?

CAPA internships have specific enrollment criteria and competition across placement fields can vary. However, where students show the appropriate levels of expectations and applied flexibility, if during the application process we have agreed that an internship is feasible for your major and placement areas listed in your application, we will guarantee you an internship placement. Please speak to a CAPA Program Manager today at 1.800.793.0334 to find out how we can support you in meeting your educational goals.

Q. How many hours a week will the internship require? Will the hours be flexible to work with my schedule?

For the ASU Summer 2020 program, virtual interns will be required to undertake 22.5 hours per week, across 6 weeks, for an accumulated total of 135 hours. Internship hours will be scheduled around your academic schedules. Students will work with their supervisor to determine individual work schedules.

Q. Are SCAP students eligible to apply? Will their benefits extend to this program?

Yes! We welcome applications from SCAP students. For SCAP benefits, please check with your SCAP partner contact to discuss whether benefits can apply - more information on using SCAP benefits on study abroad  programs can be found here.

Q. Is this program only available for ASU undergraduate students? Can I participate without receiving course credit?

Participants in this program will automatically receive 3 credit hours at the undergraduate level. Graduate students would need to inquire with their academic department regarding how this credit may or may not be articulated for them. The Global Virtual Internship Program has been designed as a for-credit experience, and students should reach out to the ASU Study Abroad Office at if they have questions about this.

Q. Is this internship paid or unpaid?

 This internship is unpaid and students will receive academic credit.

Application & Interview Process

Q. How do I start my application?

Please click here to visit the brochure page for this program, found on the ASU Study Abroad website. Start by clicking the ‘Apply Now’ button and logging in to our application portal. Work your way through the application checklist, paying special attention to the CAPA application instructions that are provided.

Q. What are the acceptance requirements? Can exceptions be made to the 2.5 GPA that’s required?

CAPA applies the following guidelines for participating in our internships: 

  1. Strongly recommend that students are a 2nd semester sophomore and above (can be reviewed on a case by case basis)
  2. A good university standing and GPA of 2.5 (lower GPAs can be reviewed on a case by case basis)
  3. Mandatory submission of CAPAs internship application and associated supporting documents. To include: 
    • Resume
    • Cover Letter
    • A letter of recommendation
    • Transcript

Please note that some placement fields may require additional examples of portfolios, writing samples, etc. 
Foreign language placements are possible for students that meet certain language proficiencies. Please speak to a CAPA advisor for more information.

Q. Will every student need to supply a letter of recommendation?

CAPA will require at least one letter of recommendation. This may be either an academic or professional recommendation.

Q. Who is my Internship Coordinator who can sign off on the Internship Coordinator Review Form as required by the ASU Study Abroad Office?

Your Internship Coordinator is the person within your academic unit (department or college) who has been designated to approve experiences for internship credit. We suggest reaching out to your Academic Advisor to see if they can connect you with the right person.

Q. How does the interview process work?

After reviewing your application and understanding your personal and professional goals, CAPA will identify and be in communication with the best matched internship site for each individual student. As part of the placement process, CAPA will facilitate a virtual interview between the respective student and internship site supervisor. CAPA will also support you in preparation for this interview by providing students with their position description documents and “how-to guides” on virtual interviews. CAPA will then follow up and share formal outcomes of the interview with each student. Please note that all placements are contingent upon successful interviews.

Q. When will the interview process start?

You must be accepted and click the “Commit” button within the ASU application to confirm your participation in the program. The CAPA application and the ASU application must be entirely completed. This includes completing the internship placement area portion of the CAPA application and submitting your cover letter, resume, unofficial transcript and letter of recommendation. If you see your CAPA application is in the status “Unconfirmed and Missing Application Materials”, that means you have not yet committed to the program by clicking the “commit” button in your ASU application portal. Your CAPA application status must be either, “Accepted”, “Confirmed and Missing Application Materials” or” Conditional Acceptance” for the interview process to start.  

Internship Placement

Q. Is there an internship for my major?

CAPA’s internships cater for a wide and varied selection of academic majors. With a network of 2,500 internship sites globally and placement opportunities in over 70+ fields and industries, CAPA is positioned to align these opportunities to your individual needs. However, there are some limitations to the types of placements available for some majors.  For example:

  • Students interested in cybersecurity will need to be open to more general IT related placements.
  • Healthcare and psychology placements are likely to be more research-based as one-on-one patient interaction is not feasible at this time in a virtual capacity. 
  • Placements for engineering students are extremely limited, but students can gain development of soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and virtual collaboration in an organization, which are essential professional development skills for any student’s future career.

If you have specific questions about potential opportunities in your major, please follow up with the ASU CAPA Program Manager, Christine Francois, at

Q. Will I be able to do the work that I want?

CAPA requires internship host sites to create an “Internship Position Description” for every placement role. This document will be provided approximately 7 days prior to the start of the program and provides comprehensive details about the internship opportunity, the types of roles and responsibilities undertaken by interns, and associated skills and competency development.  

As part of CAPA’s internship application, we also require students to share insight into their desired internship experiences. This allows CAPA to personalize each placement and match you with an opportunity that is a suitable fit. Upon the start of the internship placement, students will complete a learning agreement with their site supervisor in which the student and the supervisor will discuss the expectations of the role as well as the student’s expected learning outcomes.  It is, however, important to note that students will be required to complete the work that has been laid out by the internship site supervisor.  If there are any concerns, they will need to first discuss these concerns with the site supervisor directly and if extra support is required, they should reach out to their assigned CAPA Internship Coordinator. 

CAPA’s internships are a wonderful platform to gain insight into the world of work, but please remember that all job roles have elements that are more attractive than others, and an internship is no different!  

Q. Is there a chance I would be placed in an internship unrelated to my field of study?

CAPA will review your requested placement preferences alongside your existing academic, work, volunteering and extracurricular experiences to date. Should opportunities associated with your field of study be challenging, we will always ensure to communicate these with you. For placement fields that are not currently feasible, CAPA will focus on opportunities with transferable skills aligned with your academic and career aspirations. 

Q. What specific internships are available? Is there a list of current/previous companies? What companies does CAPA work with?

CAPA works with a wide range of organizations which include but are not limited to, large multinational companies, small organizations, community centers, and start-ups.  Students must be open to working in any of the types of organizations that are relevant to their placement area choices as listed in their application.  CAPA is not able to provide specific names of organizations prior to site confirmation, but types of roles and opportunities for a student’s specific interests and major are available by reaching out to the ASU CAPA Program Manager, Christine Francois, at

Q. What if I apply for this program and my Internship Coordinator denies the awarding of credit because the placement doesn't meet their recommendations, but I already confirmed my participation? Am I eligible for a refund?

It is each student's responsibility to ensure that you provide clear details in your application about any requirements that are required for you to earn credit for your internship.  The CAPA placement team will assess these requirements and inform the student if there is any concern about being able to meet any of these requirements.  If CAPA is able to find a placement that matches the provided criteria and interest areas listed in the students’ program, then the participant is not eligible for a refund.  Students are responsible for getting approval for internship credits from their department prior to the commencement of the internship experience.

Q. Is country placement based on your program needs, preference or both?

CAPA's placement process is highly personalized and outcomes are based upon multiple assessments. This includes, but is not limited to; institutional pre-requisites or program requirements, student’s field preferences, current global internship opportunities and possible avenues for securing new placement options. CAPA cannot guarantee a placement in a specific country; however, we will work to meet any requirements listed in your internship application.  

Q. Will the internships be in English? Will I be able to use a foreign language?

CAPA offers English-speaking internships in all of our global locations. In addition, for those that have the required levels of proficiency, foreign language placements are available in Spanish, Italian and Mandarin (please speak to a CAPA staff member to review foreign language options). CAPA also recommends that additional language skills are highlighted within your application and supporting documents as they may be of great interest to potential host internship sites.   

Program Costs & Financial Aid

Q. What are the costs of this program? What is the breakdown of the costs? When do I have to pay by?

The program fee for the Global Virtual Internship program is $1,890, which includes:

  • 3 credits of ASU tuition
  • An individualized internship placement
  • Support from both the ASU Study Abroad Office and CAPA

In addition, you will be responsible for:

  • $50 nonrefundable application fee (charged by ASU Study Abroad Office)
  • $27 Financial Aid Trust fee (charged by ASU)
  • College Fee (depending on your college; amount is prorated in the summer)

You can choose to have the program fee split into two charges. The first is due June 25th, with the second payment due July 25th. All payments will be made through your ASU account.

Q. The CAPA application asks for a $300 deposit. Do I need to pay this directly to them?

No. Students will only pay ASU for program-related charges. Students will be considered as having “paid their deposit” once they commit to the program in ASU’s Study Abroad Portal.

Q. If I am already signed up for other ASU summer courses, will I need to pay my college fee and Financial Aid Trust fee multiple times?

Please consult the ASU tuition and fees schedule.

Q. What financial aid is available? Is there any additional aid through CAPA?

If you are interested in using Federal Financial Aid to help cover the cost of your summer term, you must inquire with the ASU Financial Aid & Scholarships Office.  CAPA has a limited number of scholarships available. Visit their website to learn more. The deadline to apply is June 6.