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Kajal Dave

Peer Advisor

Phone: (480) 965-5965

Hometown: Chandler, Arizona
Area of Study: Global Studies
Year at ASU: Senior
Study Abroad Location: Ghana
Study Abroad Program: ASU: Politics, Culture, and Society in Ghana
Favorite Study Abroad Memory: I had a four-week internship at the Human Rights Advocacy Center and worked with other international interns during my program. My new friend from Amsterdam wanted to explore Ghana, so we took a trip to Wli Falls on the border with Togo. It was absolutely stunning. Not only were the falls and rainforest magnificent, but our journey was truly an adventure. We planned a trip in two days, took public transportation the whole way, hung out with a group of Canadian students and almost ran out of money. It was one of the most impulsive things I have ever done, but totally worth it. That experience is tied with getting my leg trapped in a grate over a gutter, when said friend from Amsterdam couldn't stop laughing long enough to get me out.
Other Travel Locations: India, United Arab Emirates, Britain, Scotland, France, Spain, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark 
Top Advice for Sun Devils Going Abroad: Don't go in with too many plans and expectations. Try to live in the moment, because before you know it it'll be time to leave. Let whatever happens happen, and write it down so you have a good story when you come back!