Matthew Hirman

International Coordinator
Summer Faculty-Directed Programs

While completing his degree at Bowling Green State University, Matt served as the Assistant Director of Curricular Programs and Faculty Development in the Center for Community & Civic Engagement and partnered closely with their International Programs and Partnerships office. Matthew's past professional experiences include teaching in K-12 public schools and working in business.


  • B.A. World Geography; Prescott College
  • M.A. Cross-Cultural & International Education; Bowling Green State University
  • M.A. Special Education; University of St. Thomas

International Experience

  • Undergraduate: Studied abroad on multiple faculty-directed programs in Mexico; completed capstone project in Norway and Sweden
  • Graduate: faculty-directed program in New Zealand; interned abroad at Massey University in New Zealand

Why Matthew works in study abroad: International education provides an opportunity for students to understand how they can make an impact on the world. I have a commitment to helping students make the most of that opportunity!

Advice for students preparing to go abroad: I strongly encourage students to write about their experiences and anything that catches their attention. Over time, such reflection often yields insights and learning that might otherwise be lost.

One of the most important lessons Matthew learned while studying abroad or traveling: Set aside your judgment so you can learn to understand the local culture. You don't have to agree with local cultural norms in order to appreciate them, but you won't understand them until you accept them for what they are.

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Phone: (480) 965-3098

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