Developing a New Faculty-Directed Program

Faculty are key to the sustainable success of study abroad at Arizona State University. Faculty have a tremendous influence on students' learning and development. In addition to their interaction with students in the classroom where we encourage them to promote study abroad, faculty also have the opportunity to work with the Study Abroad Office (SAO) to plan, create, and teach on a study abroad program. The SAO provides administrative and logistical support for all faculty-directed study abroad programs, which offer educational opportunities to nearly a thousand students each year. ASU Faculty-Directed programs are designed to encourage a diverse variety of students to study abroad, and these opportunities would not be possible without the dedication and effort of the faculty who direct these programs.

The information provided in this section of our website is intended for faculty who, with the support of their department and college/school, would seek the assistance of the SAO in the development and administration of a Faculty-Directed study abroad program.

Benefits, Responsibilities and Support

Benefits, Responsibilities and Support

Study abroad benefits faculty and students in numerous ways.  Below are just a few benefits that faculty receive by leading a program and that students receive by participating:

For faculty:

  • Significantly enhances one’s teaching, research, and service
  • Provides global competence which can then be passed on to students
  • Affords an opportunity to connect with students in a more meaningful way as opposed to large lecture-style courses
  • Adds experiential learning objectives to your courses
  • Provides a fully-supported method for one to travel and conduct academic work abroad

For students:

  • Classes are taught by ASU faculty
  • Students earn credit towards their major, minor and/or degree program
  • Programs are pre-planned and structured
  • Programs are sponsored by ASU departments/schools/colleges
  • Students have the opportunity to build strong connections with ASU faculty members

While it can be very rewarding leading your own study abroad program, faculty directors do take on a host of responsibilities.  These include:

  • Completing and submitting the Program and Academic Description Form and Syllabus Template
  • Assisting with budget development in partnership with an International Coordinator in the Study Abroad Office
  • Coordinating program logistics (housing, meals, transportation) with the support of an International Coordinator
  • Arranging and managing program academics (syllabus, textbooks, international partners, guest lecturers, etc.)
  • Actively promoting program to obtain target enrollment
  • Reviewing applications and selecting participants
  • Facilitating a site-specific pre-departure orientation
  • Completing mandatory pre-departure preparation for all program leaders
  • Providing an on-site orientation upon arrival in host country
  • Responding to student misconduct, behavioral/personal problems
  • Remaining on-call 24/7 for emergency response procedures
  • Submitting travel advance reconciliation within 7 days of return

But never fear, the Study Abroad Office is here to help!  Here are just a few of the ways in which we provide support to faculty leading programs:

  • Work with Faculty Directors to create safe, geographically unique, academically sound, and fiscally responsible programs
  • Provide guidance regarding best practices for education abroad programming
  • Aid with logistical arrangements
  • Create and manage program budget in conjunction with the Faculty Director
  • Manage all liability documents
  • Review applications and selects participants
  • Give regular enrollment updates on program numbers
  • Oversee billing and financial transactions
  • Help with program promotion in coordination with Faculty Director
  • Offer student advising and pre-departure orientations
  • Provide emergency support
  • Initiate and facilitate post-program evaluation

Types of Faculty-Directed Programs

Types of Faculty-Directed Programs

ASU faculty may propose a summer or semester faculty-directed (FD) program and/or a Global Intensive Experience (GIE) program.  While many of the processes are similar, here are a few distinctive elements:

Faculty-Directed (FD) Summer Programs

Faculty-Directed (FD) Semester Programs

Global Intensive Experience (GIE) Programs

Program Duration

2-9 weeks during the summer

Dynamically dated program that takes place during A, B, or C session during a semester

7-12 day program which takes place during academic breaks

Course Format

Coursework is taught during program and may include limited pre or post trip work

Coursework is taught during program and may include limited pre or post trip work

The program may be a standalone 1-credit course or attached to a semester course


Faculty may receive a summer salary per the program budget

Faculty teach this course(s) as part of their semester teaching load and therefore do not receive additional salary

Faculty teach this course(s) as part of their semester teaching load and therefore do not receive additional salary

Budget Model

Tuition is rolled into a program fee that students pay

Students pay their ASU tuition as normal and a separate program fee

Students pay their ASU tuition as normal and a separate program fee


Minimum of 10 students

Minimum of 10 students

Program Staffing

Program Staffing

All programs must be led by two ASU personnel, including at least one ASU faculty member.  All instruction must be conducted by faculty. There are strict guidelines governing who is eligible to serve as the faculty director and the support staff on a program.  Please see the full eligibility requirements in the ASU Faculty Director Handbook or discuss with your International Coordinator when proposing program staff.

ASU is deeply committed to positioning itself as one of the great new universities by seeking to build excellence, enhance access and have an impact on our community, state, nation and the world. To do that requires our faculty and staff to reflect the intellectual, gender, ethnic and cultural diversity of our nation and world so that our students learn from the broadest perspectives. When identifying faculty for study abroad programs, the colleges must consider diversity and inclusion, including gender diversity, in program leadership.

Faculty members who need assistance in identifying a support faculty or staff member should submit a proposal without naming support individuals three months ahead of the posted deadlines below.  The Study Abroad Office will work with the Study Abroad Faculty Advisory Committee to find potential candidates.

Proposing a Program

Proposing a Program

The Study Abroad Office has a formalized proposal process for all faculty members wishing to propose a program.

Here is a checklist  to help you get started:

Ready to propose?

Proposal Timelines

Proposal Timelines

The ideal planning time for a program is 12-18 months out from the term for which you are proposing.  All new and continuing proposals and faculty/staff will be reviewed and approved by the following:

  • Proposer’s Chair/Director and Dean
  • Study Abroad Office (Director, Associate Director of International Health, Safety, and Security)
  • Office of the University Provost (Vice Provost for Academic Personnel, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, University Provost)

Please see the following table for the deadlines per program term. Study Abroad Office staff are ready to begin supporting your proposal as early as possible!

Program Proposal Deadlines:

Fall Semester

Winter Break,

Spring Semester

Spring Break,
Post Spring


September 1

February 1

February 1

April 1

July 15 (Priority)

Sept 1 (Final)

Upcoming Information Sessions & Resources

Upcoming Information Sessions & Resources

Information Sessions

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AY 2018-2019 dates to be announced soon.



Contact Assistant Director, Dr. Kyle Rausch ( with questions.

Recruitment Events

Program leaders with approved programs for the current academic year will be invited to promote their program at one or more events organized by the SAO. Please consult this flyer for details about this year’s scheduled promotional events. Your International Coordinator will be in touch with further details.