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Academic & Language Success

The information on this page is designed to help you understand the academic resources and system at ASU.

Student Success Centers and Libraries

ASU provides free tutoring, writing and mathematics assistance, study groups, test preparation, and other student success services. Learn more about ASU’s student success services.

In addition, ASU offers an intensive eight-day program before the start of the Fall semester to prepare international students for academic success. This program is highly recommended for international exchange students to be successful while at an American university. The program focuses on improving skills in academic and scientific writing, research and referencing, teamwork, making presentations, taking tests, understanding the American education system, and other important skill areas. The program is not free and is not offered every year. Learn more about the ASU Academic Skills Boot Camp.

ASU has eight libraries and a comprehensive online library system for students to use for studying, group work, and research. Learn more about ASU’s library services

International exchange students may also use the local city government libraries and their online services. Learn more about the City of Tempe’s library services.