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Academic Information

This section is designed to help you in your academic success at ASU. This section provides information that will help you understand the academic resources, processes, and systems at ASU. Please explore the following links:

Academic Programs

ASU offers more than 300 academic programs. Learn more about ASU’s undergraduate and graduate programs and the courses offered through each program.

Academic Definitions

The following are ASU academic definitions which are particularly important for international exchange students:

  • Co-requisite: A requirement to be met while taking one course, such as taking another particular course, is a co-requisite. See also “Prerequisite” in this section.
  • Course Prefix: A course prefix is a three-letter designation assigned to a group of courses.
  • Drop/Add: Drop/add is a process in which a student who has registered for courses for a term may drop or add courses until a certain day within the first week of the term.
  • GPA: The ASU grade point average (GPA) is obtained by dividing the total number of ASU grade points earned by the number of ASU semester hours graded. Grade point averages are rounded to the nearest hundredth of a grade point.
  • Grade Points: For the purpose of computing the GPA, grade points are assigned to each of the grades for each semester hour as follows: “A” = four points; “B” = three points; “C” = two points; “D” = one point; and “E” = zero points.
  • Incomplete: A mark of “I” (incomplete) is given by the instructor when a student who is otherwise doing acceptable work is unable to complete a course. International exchange students must complete all coursework and cannot receive an “I”.
  • Override: An override occurs when all spots are full in a class and the student is approved to occupy an additional spot.
  • Prerequisite: A prerequisite is a requirement to be met before registering for one course, such as completing another particular course. See also “Co-requisite” in this section.
  • Transcript: An official transcript lists in chronological order all courses taken at ASU. It includes all grades received. International exchange students do not receive a transcript. Rather, the SAO sends official grade reports to the student’s home university.