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Why YOU Should Study Abroad

Study abroad is essential if you are seeking a deep and nuanced understanding of the French language and a francophone culture other than your own. Students majoring or minoring in French have the opportunity to study abroad in a number of French-speaking countries: Quebec, Canada; Belgium, France and Senegal.

A Message from the School of International Letters and Cultures

“Languages are gateways into the world, and they function in particular cultural and historical contexts. In order to be able to use language skills in meaningful ways, we also need to acquire cultural literacy. Our Study Abroad programs provide you with both an opportunity to enhance your language skills and an experience of the cultural context in which languages live. In addition to a wide range of enhanced career opportunities, studying abroad affords you a unique experience that you will remember for life.”

Professor Nina Berman, Director School of International Letters and Cultures

Planning Your Program

When to study abroad

When to study abroad

With advance planning and working closely with French faculty members and your academic advisor, you should be able to fit study abroad within your four years at ASU. As a School of International Letters and Cultures French major or minor, there are a number of terms available for you to study abroad.

The optimal time for a language and culture major or minor to study abroad is when language proficiency is at the intermediate level or above (202 or higher). If you wish to study abroad before you reach this level, we recommend that you have at least one semester of study in the language before participating in a language program abroad. Review our recommended options below:

Year Term Recommended Student Action
Year 1 Fall - Spring Begin researching study abroad programs; speak with French faculty or with a SILC advisor for program recommendations. Visit the Study Abroad website to review program options in francophone countries (Quebec, Canada; Belgium, France, Senegal)
Summer Option 1: Complete a summer study abroad program
Year 2

Fall- Spring Ready to study abroad? Apply to study abroad programs

Option 2: Complete a semester, winter break, spring break or post-spring study abroad program
Summer Option 3: Complete a summer study abroad program
Year 3

Fall - Spring Option 4: Complete a semester, winter break, spring break or post-spring study abroad program
Summer Option 5: Complete a summer study abroad program
Year 4

Fall - Spring Option 6: Complete a fall or winter break study abroad program

General Advice

General Advice

Advice from the School of International Letters and Cultures

The School of International Letters and Cultures (SILC) recommends that you speak with French faculty members and meet with your SILC major/minor academic advisor to help guide you in deciding which program will best help you to achieve your academic and personal goals. SILC has provided a list of study abroad programs that have been reviewed and recommended for students majoring or minoring in French. Typically, study abroad courses are best applied directly toward your upper division (300 or 400-level) major electives.

Advice from the Study Abroad Office

  • Be sure to view the list of recommended steps for getting started on your study abroad journey.
  • Attend a Study Abroad 101 info session to get all the basic information from a Study Abroad Student Recruiter on program types, eligibility, housing, finances, searching for and choosing a program and the application process. Discover times and locations.

Attend a Financing Your Study Abroad workshop to get information on program fees and deadlines, how financial aid can apply to study abroad, how to utilize community-based funding and tips on finding and applying for study abroad scholarships. Discover times and locations.

Meet With Your Academic Advisor

Meet With Your Academic Advisor

How to make an appointment

  • Call (480) 965-6281 to schedule an appointment with a SILC academic advisor.
  • Visit a SILC advisor during walk-in hours on the 4th floor of the LL building.

Key questions to ask

  • What are my remaining degree requirements?
  • How many upper-division credits do I still need to complete for my degree?
  • How many elective credits (lower vs. upper division) do I have left to complete my major?
  • What remaining prerequisites must I fulfill, and how will study abroad impact my progress?
  • Which of my remaining degree requirements could I complete abroad?  Are there any that I cannot take abroad?
  • Can I receive academic credit for an internship abroad?
  • Are there any in-residence requirements I need to be aware of before I go abroad?

Meet With the Study Abroad Office

Meet With the Study Abroad Office

Meeting with a Peer Advisor

Peer Advisors are ASU students who have studied abroad on various types of programs and who are here to help you get started on a journey of your own!  They are prepared to help you understand the different types of programs offered, narrow down your program options, guide you on the application process, discuss program costs, and speak about student life abroad.

No appointments are necessary to meet with a Peer Advisor.

  • Stop by the Study Abroad Office anytime Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Contact a Peer Advisor by email  or Live Chat with them on the Study Abroad Office website.
  • Call a Peer Advisor at (480) 965-5965.

Meeting with an International Coordinator

Your International Coordinator can answer your questions about specific programs, can talk you through the application process, and can help you find funding resources for your particular program on the Study Abroad Office website. Your International Coordinator is happy to meet with you multiple times to answer your questions, and he/she would be glad to schedule meetings in person, by phone, or via Skype.

  • Find the name of your International Coordinator listed on the Study Abroad Office webpage for your program of interest.
  • Schedule an appointment online. Click on the International Coordinator name for your program of interest and follow the prompts to schedule your appointment.
  • Visit an International Coordinator during walk-in hours in Student Services Building, Room 278.

Key questions to ask the Study Abroad Office

  • What are the eligibility requirements for my program(s) or interest?
  • What is involved in the application for my program(s) of interest? Is admission to the program competitive?
  • How will I get ASU credit and grades for the courses I take abroad?
  • What courses are available on my program? How can I get courses approved for my program(s) of interest?
  • What is the cost of participating in my program(s) of interest? What do I need to consider in preparing an estimated budget for my program(s) of interest, and what expenses do I need to plan for upfront?
  • Where can I find more information about scholarships for study abroad?

Research Your Funding Options

Research Your Funding Options

Studying abroad is an investment in your future. Like any other type of investment, it requires careful planning and management. However, the personal, academic and professional rewards that you will gain from this experience will last a lifetime. You should carefully consider costs, budgets and financing when selecting and preparing for your experience abroad.

Review Cost Sheet

You can find a link to your program’s Cost Sheet near the top of the Study Abroad Office webpage for your program. The Cost Sheet will highlight the costs that are billed to your student account as well as additional estimated costs that are not billed to your student account but that you might expect to spend while abroad. Be sure to note what expenses are included in the fees charged by the Study Abroad Office, and remember to budget additional money for airfare, passport and visa fees and personal expenses since these are not included in any Program Fee.

Research Funding

Once you have reviewed the Cost Sheet for your program and are aware of the costs you might expect to spend on your program, you can begin to make a plan for financing your study abroad program. You can receive funding for studying abroad through financial aid, scholarships and grants and community-based fundraising efforts. We encourage you to:

  1. Speak to Financial Aid and Scholarship Services (FASS) about financial aid
  2. Use our Scholarships and Grants page to search for general study abroad scholarships and scholarships that are unique to your program
  3. Read the Community-Based Funding Guide for creative ways that past ASU students have funding their programs

Financial Aid

We encourage you to speak to a Financial Aid Counselor, who can help you figure out how your financial aid might be applied to our study abroad program. Be sure to seek answers to the following questions from a Financial Aid Counselor:

  • How do loans work for study abroad? What kinds of aid/loans do I currently receive, and are there any restrictions on this aid if I study abroad?
  • Have I reached the maximum of (insert name of) loan allowed per academic year?
  • When will funds be released for my semester of participation?
  • How will additional scholarships impact my ASU financial aid?

Major-Specific Scholarships

The School of International Letters and Cultures offers study abroad scholarships for which you may apply.

Community-Based Funding

Check out the Study Abroad Office website to learn more about community-based funding, including tips and tricks for crowd-source funding. There is funding out there… you just have to ask.

Attend Financing Workshop

Would you like help learning about your financing options? We offer bi-weekly in-person and online Financing Your Study Abroad Workshops. Join us in the MU on Monday afternoons or log in through Adobe Connect (find login information here) on Thursdays to learn how to finance your study abroad program through financial aid, scholarships and grants, and community-based funding.

Helpful Links

French Student Testimonial

"I learned so much in my study abroad experience, my French improved so much over the month-long program in Lyon, and all of the teachers involved were absolutely amazing and cared so deeply about us learning the language! Not only did my French greatly improve, I made lifelong friends in both France and at ASU."

- Julia Benner, French Language and Culture in Lyon

Recommended Programs

Although French majors can participate in any ASU study abroad program, the School of International Letters and Cultures recommends the following programs:

Program Type: Faculty-Directed
Available Terms: Summer
Country: France
Unique Features: Live in Lyon for four weeks while focusing on language and culture. Students are enrolled with other foreign students in the Centre International d’Études Françaises (CIEF) at the University of Lyon located on the downtown campus along the Rhône River within walking distance of the city center. Receive full immersion training in language and culture and earn 7 FRE (French) credits, including coursework that can go toward fulfilling the second language requirement, on this program.
Program Type: Faculty-Directed
Available Terms: Summer
Country: Canada
Unique Features: Start or finish your French language requirement in one summer in a French-speaking environment. Experience life with a host family while taking French courses at one of the oldest Francophone universities in North America, Laval University. Open to undergraduate students (sophomore and above) and graduate students of French who desire to immerse themselves in the French language and Québécois culture.
Program Type: Partnership
Available Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Country: France
Unique Features: The Open Campus program at the CIEE Global Institute – Paris offers flexibility to experience France your own way. Pair one, two, or three six-week blocks for your perfect amount of intensive study and cultural engagement. No matter how you build your program, you’ll surround yourself with the French language, culture, and people throughout the quarters of Paris. Live with French hosts, study in state of the art classrooms and participate in included excursions and multi-day study tours.
Program Type: Partnership
Available Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Country: France
Unique Features: The American Business School (ABS) in Paris allows students the opportunity to prepare for a successful international career in one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world. French language courses are available to students from all language backgrounds, from the true beginning (débutant) to the superior (supérieur) language levels. These classes are comprised of international students from every corner of the world, providing students with distinct perspectives and environments from which to learn.
Program Type: Partnership
Available Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Country: France
Unique Features: Live in Lyon and complete 12 credits of intensive French language in a single semester, from second-year French and up. Complement your studies with an array of electives taught in both French and English. Walk or bike along the banks of the scenic Rhône and Saône rivers; take weekend trips to ski or snowboard in the French Alps; enjoy some of Lyon’s famous home-style cooking; and explore shops and make international friends.
Program Type: Exchange
Available Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Country: France
Unique Features: Sciences Po Aix is a “grand ecole” in Provence. Dedicated to internationalization, Sciences Po Aix utilizes its location in the Mediterranean to further research critical themes in the Euromediterranean and Arab-Muslim world, intercultural and religious mediation, and Mediterranean cultural projects management. Students with a good working level in French may enroll in all courses indicated in the international student course catalogue. Aix-en-Provence is home to multiple museums, galleries and historical sites and enjoys 300 days of sunshine each year.
Program Type: Exchange
Available Terms: Academic Year, Spring
Country: France
Unique Features: Midway between the sea and the mountains at the heart of a flourishing region, Lyon is an ideal location. l'Université Lumière-Lyon 2 welcomes over 4,000 international students from 132 countries, with a total of nearly 30,000 students. Students may select from a broad range of courses in various disciplines, including psychology, political science, history, business and languages. All courses are taught in French; students with a high level of French proficiency will benefit greatly from this immersive experience.
Program Type: Exchange
Available Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Country: France
Unique Features: Founded in 1338, the Universités Grenoble Alpes (UGA) is one of Europe's oldest and most reputable academic institutions. Students are offered a wide range of French-taught instruction in the following fields: life sciences, physical sciences and medicine; languages, literature and communication; engineering; computer science; business administration; economics; law; philosophy; history; geography; and mathematics. Surrounded by fantastic Alpine peaks, Grenoble is the capital of the French Alps. Skiing is nearby and very affordable.