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GI-Bill Benefit Recipients

The Study Abroad Office welcomes and encourages veterans to study abroad! Did you know that you may be eligible to use your GI Bill® benefits to help fund a spring break, summer, winter break, semester or full year abroad? If you are interested in studying abroad, begin your plans today!

  • Visit the ASU Pat Tillman Veterans Center on your campus.
  • Speak to Certification Specialist, Jennifer Adam, of the ASU Pat Tillman Veterans Center to determine whether or not you are eligible to receive funding for study abroad. 
  • Research various study abroad program options and determine the best program for you.
  • Meet the ASU Study Abroad Office International Coordinator responsible for your program of choice.  
  • Follow up with Jennifer Adam and the ASU Pat Tillman Veterans Center to ensure that your benefits will work with the program you have chosen. Please note that the VA will only pay towards the maximum in-state cost of attendance.
  • Apply to your chosen study abroad program.  Once you have applied to your study abroad program, the Study Abroad Office will create a cost breakdown and submit it to the ASU Pat Tillman Veterans Center on your behalf. View a sample cost breakdown.
  • Continue to check in with the Study Abroad Office and the ASU Pat Tillman Veterans Center to ensure that the necessary information is being transmitted between offices.

ASU Online students may also take advantage of GI Bill® benefits! If you are an online student, you can use your benefits to study abroad as long as the classes you are taking are applicable to your degree program as either upper division credit or program-specific courses.