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First-Generation Students

As a First-Generation student, you are the first in your family to pursue a college/university degree.  This means that you also have the incredible opportunity to be the first in your family to ever study abroad!  As the first person in your family to be presented with such a unique experience, you likely have many questions. Having support and information before studying abroad can go a long way in helping you prepare for your time abroad. Staff in the Study Abroad Office are always ready to answer any questions you may have.

Questions you may be considering

Since no one in my family has ever studied abroad, who can help me plan and make sure that I am on the right track? Where do I start?

  • Attend a Study Abroad 101 Information Session to learn the basics about study abroad. Also feel free to stop by the Study Abroad Office to talk to our peer advisors, students who have been abroad themselves, to hear their valuable advice about living abroad. They are available anytime Monday-Thursday between 9am and 5pm.
  • Once you have two or three destinations in mind, click here to make an in-person, phone, or Skype appointment with the International Coordinator(s) associated with your program options. Our coordinators will help you throughout your application process and are willing to meet with you as many times as you feel necessary! Be sure to also make an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss the courses you want to take abroad and make sure you stay on the right path for graduation.

How can I explain to my family that a study abroad experience can contribute to achievement of my academic and career goals?

  • Your parents may find the idea of you studying abroad to be scary or unrealistic. The best advice that we can give you is to thoroughly prepare the necessary information first. Present them with information on:
    • The campus resources that will support you through the study abroad process (International Advising, Academic Advising, Financial Aid, etc.);
    • The specifics of how you can use financial aid and scholarships for study abroad;
    • The benefits of studying abroad – explain to your parent(s) that study abroad has been proven to develop students skills in problem solving and critical thinking, while enhancing maturity and flexibility. No matter what career you are interested in, these are all skills that employers are looking for. Successfully participating in study abroad shows potential employers that you have the ability to adjust to new environments and to communicate with diverse groups of people. Not to mention if you are interested in a job that is international or global in nature, studying abroad is going to be a key experience for your success. And when you get back from your study abroad experience, we are happy to help you articulate this on your resume and think about how you can bring this highlight of your academic career to the forefront in future job interviews.
  • Introduce your family to the Parents section of the Study Abroad Office website. There they can find information about your program, costs and financing options, and how they can help you throughout your application process.

Are there additional funding sources I can look into to help finance study abroad?

  • This is certainly a valid consideration, and we want you to know that there is money available! There is a wide variety of departmental, external, and national scholarships. Check out our Scholarship and Grants page for more information.

Tips to keep in mind

  • Begin planning your study abroad experience nine months to one year before your anticipated departure
  • Don’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions

Resources for more information

Scholarships - scholarships offered to First-Generation ASU students who want to study abroad.