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Medical Insurance Coverage Details and Resources

Most students participating in an ASU study abroad program will be enrolled in a mandatory GeoBlue health insurance plan.*

ASU’s GeoBlue insurance policy will provide you with service and protection in the event you become ill or injured while abroad. GeoBlue also provides you and your family with valuable information and your own password protected Member Hub (website) to help you prepare for your trip. Even if you have existing medical insurance coverage, because your policy may not cover you while outside of the US, your mandatory GeoBlue coverage should be used as your primary insurance while abroad.

GeoBlue Policy Resources

ASU's GeoBlue Video Series

GeoBlue Insurance Benefits

  • The GeoBlue Member Hub and the GeoBlue app allow you to:
    • Keep an electronic ID card;
    • Locate carefully selected, trusted providers and hospitals;
    • Arrange direct payment to your provider;
    • Access global health and safety tools including medical translations, drug equivalents, news and safety information;
    • Submit and track claims.
  • Your GeoBlue policy gives you:
    • Comprehensive medical insurance coverage anywhere outside the U.S.;
    • Access to hospitals, clinics, and pharmacy practices in more than 190 countries;
    • Additional 24/7 emergency medical, travel, and technical services including assistance with lost passports, prescription drug replacement, obtaining emergency cash, immunization requirements, currency exchange rate information , telephone translation, and travel navigation.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot access the GeoBlue online tools until you receive the GeoBlue welcome email that includes your certificate number. If you have not received a welcome email from GeoBlue one month prior to departure, please contact to let us know so that we can resend your welcome email to you.

GeoBlue Emergency Response

If you are involved in a medical emergency abroad, go immediately to the nearest physician or hospital and then contact GeoBlue.  If possible, remember to call GeoBlue before you seek medical treatment so that payment can be arranged for your services. The telephone number is +1-610-254-8771 (Collect - Outside the US) and email is If you do not contact GeoBlue prior to your appointment, you may need to pay upfront and get reimbursed by submitting a claim. For questions or assistance prior to your departure, please contact customer service at 888-268-2686 or by email at

Important Dates 

  • Summer and Post-Spring program participants will be enrolled in GeoBlue coverage by early April
  • Fall Semester and full Academic Year participants will be enrolled by early April
  • Winter Break participants will be enrolled by early November
  • Pre-Spring, Spring Semester, Spring Break and full Calendar Year participants will be enrolled by early December
  • ASU’s GeoBlue insurance policy will cover you beginning one to two days prior to the published program start date and will conclude one day after the published program end date.  Students are not permitted to extend coverage under the terms of ASU’s negotiated policy – you will be required to secure your own policy to cover you for any dates beyond the GeoBlue coverage dates.

*Participants in the following programs will NOT be covered by ASU’s GeoBlue insurance policy:

  • ASU: Capital Scholars Washington D.C.
  • ASU: Kampsville Field School
  • ASU: McCain Institute Policy Design Studio & Internship Program
  • GIE: Gender and Criminal Justice in Cross-National Contexts
  • GIE: Getting to 100%: The Promise and Challenge of Renewables in Hawaii
  • GIE: Wilderness Astronomy
  • CIEE programs
  • Dorrance Scholars Semester in Italy
  • IFSA-Butler programs
  • INSTEP - The Institute of Economic and Political Studies Cambridge
  • ISA programs
  • Semester at Sea
  • SIT: Chile - Public Health, Traditional Medicine, and Community Empowerment
  • SIT: Switzerland - Global Health and Development Policy
  • UA Russian Abroad Language/Internship Program
  • UA Russian Abroad Summer Program
  • USAC programs