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Enhance your academic, professional and personal goals

The benefits of studying abroad are endless and only enrich your experience as a Sun Devil. Stand out from the crowd once you graduate by adding study abroad to your resume and demonstrate you can thrive in a global environment.

Participate in one of our 250 programs in over 65 different countries that are as short as a week and as long as a year (and anything in between). There's a program that will fit with your degree plan and goals that'll even keep you on track for graduation, too.

Study abroad isn't just for foreign language or global studies majors -- it's for everyone from any background and on any academic or career path. When you're abroad, you can increase your:

Language skillsHands-on learning
RelationshipsIntercultural competence
International networkingLeadership skills
Global awarenessSelf-confidence

Study Abroad at Arizona State University (ASU_

"You learn from a lot of different people and you learn a lot about the world itself in a way that just being at ASU won't teach you."
-Nikil Selvam, Computer Science & Economics major

"It's changed my experience was already amazing, but it was just two weeks and I feel like there's so much more to do."
-Amanda Coats, Sustainability major

"It's more of an education for you...finding out who you are. This opened my mind to more perspectives and it changed what I want to do."
-Ryan Blehm, Exercise & Wellness major

"It allows you to really see outside yourself. Studying abroad solidified my motivation to be an agent of change." 
-Kamra Hakim, Global Studies major

Advantages of Study Abroad


Not only can you increase your ability to communicate with more people around the world, you'll be learning from the best of the best in your field...all while earning ASU credit. After completing a study abroad program, 80% of alumni noted a stronger interest in and dedication to their studies and 87% credited study abroad for their desire to pursue more educational experiences.


At 97%, study abroad alumni have said that it had a lasting impact on their worldview coupled with an increase in confidence. Studying abroad helps you to gain direction, new ways of thinking and expands your creativity. Additionally, interacting with people from different cultures helps you understand your own cultural values, beliefs and perceptions.


Study abroad is key to impressing prospective employers. Less than 3% of U.S. college students study abroad. A recent survey notes nearly 40% of 800 U.S. companies missed out on international business opportunities in the past five years due to lack of internationally competent employees. Study abroad will help you stand out on medical, graduate and professional school applications.